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What to Consider When Buying Projectors

When choosing a projector, users should first consider how the projector will be used. Although there are a myriad of uses for projectors, it is important to consider the primary use for it.


Projectors which are used in large rooms often need high brightness and good contrast. Most users will also want to consider other high-end features such as network support for remote management and control, a dual-lamp design for robust operation and multiple lens choices for installation flexibility. A high-lumens projector will deliver bright and clear images that will provide impact for presentations even in rooms with ambient light.


Often, small office users are looking for a projector that is affordable and portable—so that it can be moved to allow presentations to happen wherever needed. Traditional lamp projectors provide higher brightness and business-ready features for organizations that need the most presentation punch. Meanwhile, LED technology provides long-life operation without maintenance. Look for a data projector that comes with a feature-rich remote control and easy-to-use features so presenters waste no time in getting to their presentations.


For home theatre, big-screen images are the key, along with vibrant colours and excellent picture quality. Look for a “multimedia projector” that delivers high colour saturation and robust contrast ratio to ensure that movies and other projected images provide an exciting and immersive experience. Projector size will drop down on the list of important features, while an easy-to-use remote control will still be a must-have. You may want to consider 3D capabilities to allow viewing of the quickly growing list of available 3D movies, television and other content.


In classrooms projectors are basic equipment. In these rooms, short throw and ultra-short throw projectors let educators create large and impactful images even in small spaces. 3D and interactive features further enhance teaching but are not a necessity.


If you are constantly on the move and need to have a projector with you most of the time, then consider getting a pico projector. Pico projectors are tiny battery powered projectors - as small as a mobile phone - or even smaller: these projectors can even be embedded inside phones or digital cameras. Pico-projectors are small, but they can show large displays (sometimes up to 100"). While great for mobility and content sharing, pico-projectors offer low brightness and resolution compared to larger projectors. It is a new innovation, but pico-projectors are already selling at a rate of about a million units a year (in 2010), and the market is expected to continue growing quickly.


Whatever your main use, it is important to understand the basics of projection before investing in a projector. Here, on, you can shop for projectors online from the comforts of your home or office here. Please contact us for any enquiries or questions via phone or chat with us online or even request for a quotation.