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SSD (Solid State drive) and HDD (hard disk drives) do very similar jobs; they store data such as applications and personal files and boot your system. However, there are a number of key differences between the two. These are some of the main contrasts:


An SSD stores data on interconnected flash memory chips, which retain information even without a power supply. Conversely, a HDD uses magnetic storage to hold and retrieve the information using rapidly rotating platters coated with magnetic material, to be accessed and read by a read/write head. Therefore, one storage type has moving parts, and one doesn’t thereby making one noisier than the other.


However, because of its older technology, the HDD is almost 4-5 times cheaper than that of the SSD but due to the SSD’s higher reliability and lower failure rates, there is less downtime for employees which translates to higher productivity. Furthermore, SSDs offer significantly higher performance and battery life, which allows the employees to work longer and more efficiently.


Below is a table of comparisons between the two.



At a glance, the advantages of the SSD seem over-whelming as compared to HDD but due to its relatively cheap cost and availability the HDD is still a popular choice.


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