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Features that Set Lenovo Laptops Apart

Here are a few innovative features that have set Lenovo laptops apart from the competition.

Lenovo products, and their laptops in particular, remain some of the most innovative products that are available on the market today. They are so innovative that the Boston Consulting Group named Lenovo one of the most innovative companies in the world. And while that honour included their business practices, it was also part of the many innovative features for which Lenovo products have become so famous and so widespread. Due to their versatility, many businesses in Singapore buy Lenovo laptops online at wholesale prices from TechDirect.Asia. Here are just a few innovative features coming from Lenovo that have set their laptops apart from the competition.


1. Staying Cool with ICE


Lenovo’s Intelligent Cooling Engine (ICE) may not be the flashiest feature, but it is one that keeps Lenovo laptops running at their maximum potential for much longer than some other laptops. Combining traditional fans with an innovative cooling system, ICE helps keep your laptop cool so it won’t overheat, and so it can overclock without risking damage to the system. Whether you are running powerful programs that use a lot of processing power or whether you work in a hotter environment, Lenovo’s ICE can ensure your laptop still runs at maximum ability wherever you need to do business.


2. Versatility with Convertible Technology


Lenovo is probably most famous for its ThinkPad laptop, a computer that combines a powerful laptop with the interactivity of a tablet. Unlike other laptops with touchscreens, the Lenovo ThinkPad has a screen that folds completely around, leaving you with a tablet that has the power of a laptop. The device quickly became popular with artists and creatives, people who could enjoy the precision of a touchscreen while still enjoying the power of a full computer. Those demanding design programs that help you tap into your creativity are not just for desktops anymore. The Lenovo ThinkPad turns every flat surface into a portable workstation.


3. Unparalleled Durability


Laptops need to be durable, but they also need to be conveniently sized and lightweight. Combining all three aspects into a single device has been a challenge for every laptop developer since the devices were invented. Since laptops get banged up more than stationary and safe desktops, they need to be able to take a hit and still work perfectly. Lenovo has developed multiple complementary tactics to ensure your laptop is durable while still convenient, including modern, lightweight components and ultra-tough exterior materials that protect the powerful computing technology inside.


Lenovo’s durable computers will ensure your investment lasts longer without making the device difficult to carry or inconvenient to bring with you. Plus, they look fantastic.


Lenovo laptops are some of the most innovative, incredible machines that are available on the market today. Combining powerful computing, improved performance technology, and a versatility of features other laptops simply cannot provide, Lenovo is truly at the forefront of today’s technological world. If you are considering a new laptop, whether it is one for you or multiples for your office, contact TechDirect.Asia. With a full line of Lenovo laptops, we can help you pick the perfect device for you. From the affordable V310 to the formidable ThinkPad P50, there is a Lenovo laptop for you.