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Dell Laptops - Top Choice for Business

Dell laptops have long been the trusted computer for business. Here’s why they are still the top choice for business today.

Dell released their first laptop in 1989. It was a utilitarian device right down to its name, the 316LT, but it was the first step in how Dell changed modern business. Since that very first model, Dell has created more powerful, more conveniently-sized laptops that business leaders around the world trust for their work. And today, they continue to lead businesses into the future. Here are just a few reasons why Dell laptops are the trusted top choice for businesses in Singapore, now and into the future.


1. The Apps You Need


Modern business requires flexibility and the ability to communicate, and the ability to communicate in the 21st century depends on compatibility. Without the right apps, and the computers to work with those apps, your business cannot integrate with the world around you. Dell laptops are so customizable and accessible that they can easily interact with other computers and devices, providing you with a seamless communication network across your devices and business. From the latest Office Suite programs to the apps you use for internal communications, Dell laptops offer you the freedom to communicate in the way you want and need.


2. It Goes Where You Go


Dell laptops continue to be some of the slimmest, lightest, and smallest computers in the world. Some can almost fit into a small stack of papers and many models can easily slip into your briefcase with room to spare. With the modern business world being wherever you happen to be, whether you’re in the office or on a business trip around the world, the best laptop for you is one that you can take anywhere. And with the convenient size of Dell laptops, “anywhere” can be just that.


3. Choose Your Operating System


One of the major drawbacks of many of the most popular laptops these days is that they are fully vertically integrated. The operating system, or OS, is built into the very structure of the computer, meaning you cannot change it without destroying the computer. But Dell laptops have proudly been installing Linux and Windows onto their devices for close to ten years, so, along with your choice of apps, you can also have access to the operating system that’s best for your business rather than settling for the OS that the manufacturer decides is best for you.


4. They’re Cost Effective


When it comes to affordability, Dell products remain a cost-effective means to get the technology you need. While other computer systems have increased in price (and limit what you can do to pre-approved, first-party programs), the affordability and versatility of a Dell laptop means you can save money on hardware now and on software in the future.


It has been nearly 30 years since Dell released their very first laptop, and while many things have changed, it is how Dell changed business that has made it such an essential aspect of the world today. If you are looking for your next business computer, look to the versatility, affordability, and accessibility of a Dell laptop. Trusted by business leaders for decades, they are the best way to move you and your business into a brighter future.