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Benefits of Buying Business Laptops

Businesses are now starting to buy laptops frequently. Here’s why.

Buying laptops for business is a now a popular practice in the corporate world as modern businesses move away from the regular desktop. Business laptops, now more powerful and more usable than ever before, have become like portable offices, where employees can do the work they need from almost anywhere.


If your company is looking to the future, business laptops are an important consideration. Here are a few reasons why businesses buy business laptops and are ditching the desktop.


1. Portable


From checking important documents remotely to presenting from a familiar device while at a remote location, laptops are increasingly becoming the ideal device for contemporary businesses. Because the modern world involves working from home, going on frequent business trips, and networking more locally, a laptop represents a powerful way to do business—especially as business is starting to resist being tied to a desk.


If your company is considering work from home options for employees, has multiple locations, or works with other nearby businesses, laptops may be the right solution.


2. Touchscreen Technology


While most desktop computers can boast more powerful specs (although that is changing very quickly), many laptop computers have one feature that desktops simply do not: touchscreen technology. While desktops can support drawing tablets, laptops can become a modern laptop, letting you and your employees tap into some creativity in a new and exciting way.


As laptops become more and more powerful, this touchscreen technology becomes a truly powerful business tool. Programs like Adobe Creative Suite are becoming more mobile friendly, meaning you can do some powerful editing and creative work with the accuracy of a touchscreen, and from almost anywhere.


3. Data Security


If your employees work from home or work outside of regular office hours, buying laptops for your business can help you keep your data safe. Since you cannot control what programs are on your employees’ personal devices, any work or information they access could potentially end up in the hands of hackers and people who are looking for sensitive data. Personal computers are often riddled with spyware, malware, and viruses that can infect your business. However, with dedicated business laptops, you can implement anti-virus and data security protocols that will keep your company’s data safe, no matter where it is accessed.


4. Sales


While many sales happen behind a screen or through a phone line, face-to-face is still important for the modern sales call. Laptops let your salespeople bring all the information they need to every sales call, whether that’s a presentation, paperwork, or the latest numbers. A laptop holds more than all the folders in the world in a much more convenient package.


With touch screen technology, unparalleled portability, and the ability to run the most important programs, business laptops are becoming the safer, more convenient alternative to the traditional desktop. With thousands of different models to choose from, TechDirect Asia can ensure your company has the laptops it needs to push forward. Whether your new laptops have extra features to help your employees do more, or whether they have the specs to run the world’s most advanced programs, TechDirect Asia has the laptops you need.